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Use coupon code 'GRANDFINALE' for 15% discount on dahlia tuber orders of $75 and up
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Anemone 'White with Black Center' - 10 corms
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Anemone 'White with Black Center' - 10 corms

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One of the most exquisite display of pure white, this Anemone has a contrasting black center swarmed with delicate black anthers. These striking blossoms boast of long, sturdy stems that stand tall, among their ferny leaves, adding more of a visual impact.

Anemone flowers, known for their early blooms, glorious colours, large flowers size, and long vase life are one of the most eye-catching spring bloomers.

Corm Count: 10

Colour: White and Black

Height: 8-12"

Flowering time: Late spring / summer

Light requirements: Partial shade / full sun

Soil: Well-drained soil rich with compost

Zone: Perennial in zones 7-10, Annual in zones 3-6

Critter resistant: Yes

Planting Time: In zones 8 and warmer, plant in Fall for Spring blooms. In other zones, plant in late Winter/very early Spring, about 6 weeks before last frost.

How to Plant: Plant your anemone corms as soon as they arrive in autumn (zone 7 and higher) or spring (zone 3-6) in borders or containers in a sheltered position. Soak the corms in water for 2-3 hours prior to planting. Place the corms with the ‘acorn’ pointing downwards. Plant the corms 3-5cm deep. Space the corms 5-10cm apart.

When to Expect Blooms: Fall planted corms bloom for about 6-7 weeks in the early Spring, and Spring-planted corms will blossom for about 4-6 weeks beginning in mid-Spring.

Plant Care Instructions: Water sparingly once the foliage emerges, and pick the flowers regularly to encourage more blooms. Do not overwater since it may lead to root rot.