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Use coupon code 'GRANDFINALE' for 15% discount on dahlia tuber orders of $75 and up
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Cosmos Apricotta (15 seeds)
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Cosmos Apricotta (15 seeds)

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A lovely mix of colours of apricot, peach and dusty rose, complementing so many various flower colours and tying them into a lovely colour scheme in your bouquet. Fleuroselect award winner. Attracts beneficial insects from summer to first frost. Very floriferous if regularly deadheaded or harvested. Ferny foliage can be used as bouquet filler.

Direct sow after last frost ¼” deep, space 9-12” or start indoors 4 weeks before last frost. Germinates 3-5 days. Full sun.

Height: 90cm/36"
Approximately 15 seeds per packet.

DAYS TO GERMINATION3-5 days at 80-85°F (27-29°C)

SOWINGTransplant (recommended) - Sow into 72-cell flats or preferred seedling container 4 weeks before last frost. Cover seeds lightly. A heat mat will help maintain an accurate temperature. Lower temperatures will result in slower germination: 5-7 days at 70-75°F (21-24°C). Harden-off and transplant out after last frost. Do not allow plants to become root bound and avoid disturbing roots. Pinching encourages branching.

Direct seed - After last frost, sow 1/4" deep. 

Succession-sow/plant every two weeks for prolonged yields of high-quality stems. Pinching of initial bud or bloom and subsequent deadheading is recommended to encourage strong branching and bloom production.


PLANT HEIGHT: No support is necessary.



HARVEST: Before completely open, when petals on flowerhead had not yet flattened. Deadheading or frequent harvesting will promote more blooms.

SOIL REQUIREMENTS: Can tolerate lean soil and an occasional drought.

USES: Taller varieties make excellent cut flowers. Beds, borders, and mass plantings.