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Use coupon code 'GRANDFINALE' for 15% discount on dahlia tuber orders of $75 and up. We ship tubers until July 15, 2024.
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Ranunculus 'Pastel' - 5 corms
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Ranunculus 'Pastel' - 5 corms

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Dreamy shades of delicate soft pink and gracefully-shaped petals are sure to take your breath away! Ranunculus Pastel, with its hundreds of lush, paper-thin petals, creates a luxurious nest that houses a contrasting pale green eye at the center. This is a marvelous nature’s creation of perfect form and color.

Ranunculus Pastel produces large blooms on tall stems with an abundance of lush textured petals in shades of soft pink. These elegant blooms, dubbed as the “rose of the spring” are one of the most beautiful and long-lasting cut flowers in the plant world.

Package Count: 5

Colour: Soft Pink

Height: 10-15"

Flowering time: Late spring / early summer

Botanical name: Ranunculus Elegance

Light requirements: Partial shade / full sun

Soil: Well-drained soil rich with compost

Zone: Perennial in zones 7-10, Annual in zones 3-6

Critter resistant: Yes

Planting Time: In zones 8 and warmer, plant in Fall for Spring blooms. In other zones, plant in late Winter/very early Spring, about 6 weeks before last frost.

How to Plant: Plant your ranunculus corms as soon as they arrive in autumn (zone 7 and higher) or spring (zone 3-6) in borders or containers in a sheltered position. Soak the bulbs in water for 2-3 hours prior to planting. Place the bulbs with the ‘claws’ facing downwards. Plant the bulbs 3-5cm deep. Space the bulbs 5-10cm apart.

When to Expect Blooms: Fall planted corms bloom for about 6-7 weeks in the early Spring, and Spring-planted corms will blossom for about 4-6 weeks beginning in mid-Spring.

Plant Care Instructions: Water sparingly once the foliage emerges, and pick the flowers regularly to encourage more blooms. Do not overwater since it may lead to root rot.